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Living in Point Cook ( Melbourne)-What’s it really like ?

Living in Point Cook,Melbourne what’s it like?

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It is a question that lots of people ask. It’s proximity to the city ( 25 mins by car off peak) and it’s quality affordable housing makes it one of the destinations in Melbourne lots of people consider.

Point Cook is a developing area with a great community feel and facilities are being added all the time. Often reviews and comments that are made a couple of years ago are very out dated and not applicable.Living in Point Cook and having a good knowledge of the area I am constantly surprised by the misconceptions and inaccurate things posted. No where is perfect but having visited many areas around Melbourne I am sure we have made the right decision.

We now have lots of dining options in the immediate area which I visit with the Ladies that Lunch every Fri in term time. The reviews are then uploaded with pictures to the Point Cook Dining pages.

There is a new Catholic primary school opening this week too in Saltwater-St Mary’s of the Cross. This is in addition to the recently opened and highly regarded state such Alamanda college. Schooling is highly zoned within Point Cook so you need to get in the right area for the public school you want. Catholic schools have a different enrolment system.

There are two shopping centres in Point Cook offering lots of local specialty shops and the usual multiples. Parking is free.

Point Cook also has many Facebook groups that help make integrating into the community easy covering a wide range of interests and topics.Living in Point Cook and meeting and connecting with people from wherever you are in the world becomes easy.

Areas you can live in within Point Cook are so varied. There are body corporate areas such as Sanctuary lakes resort, Alamanda, Saltwater.These offer additional services such as pools, gyms and many more. There are also many other recent additions like Kingsford estate etc. As well as established areas.

For me and my family we love where we live in Sanctuary Lakes. My youngest daughter scoots to school sometimes through the sprinklers on the wide paths in the morning. It honestly feels sometimes like living here feels like being in a holiday resort.

Thinking of moving to live in Melbourne why not take a closer look at Point Cook :-). I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I could even help you make the move and locate in the area with my new business Welcome to Point Cook!

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